Atomic Jackpot Slots

Atomic energy changed the world. It may seem like an unlikely theme for a slot game, but you’ll certainly find plenty to entertain you here. We decided to check out the Atomic Jackpot slot for ourselves, so we can bring you the results of our explorations right here.

Who came up with this unusual idea?

The idea might be unusual, but you’ll be familiar with this name… Wager Gaming Technology.

They’ve given us a demo to try first

It’s always great to try a game without risking any cash to do so. We can do this with this slot game, thankfully.

An atomic theme

They’ve revealed the theme in the title, and it is supported by various icons and images in the game. We’ll move onto the design next.

How good does the game look?

Very good, considering its age – we’ve got 2D graphics that place us inside a control room, presumably creating atomic energy. The reels appear over the top of this, giving us some relevant designs to look for as we spin those reels.

How to play the Atomic Jackpot game

Expect three reels here, along with several symbols that make sense given the theme. Unusually, only one of those symbols can pay out – the flask with various colored balls moving around it. This is a basic symbol, but you can get a prize for one of those appearing anywhere on the reels. No wilds or other special icons appear during the game.

Can you guess the payline quantity?

If you thought there could be just one of them, you were correct.

Bets to choose from in this game

Coins go from one cent to $10 here, and you’ve got the chance to bet a single coin or anything up to five of them on the line.

A simple paytable

This shows prizes for one through five coins for one flask symbol or the jackpot prizes for three of them appearing on the payline. It appears above the reels.

What about a bonus?

Nothing of this kind appears in the game.

Free spins don’t show up either

You may have guessed that, given the simplicity of the game.

No clear RTP details

We’ve done our research on this game but have failed to come up with the return to player percentage.

What do we think of the Atomic Jackpot slot?

It’s a good one, although you’re only going to collect prizes from those flasks. It’s frustrating if you get three matching symbols on the payline, only to find you cannot collect a prize from them. For this reason, we’re giving it a score of 6/10.

What kind of prize potential does it carry?

If you wagered five coins on the line and got the jackpot combination, you’d receive 2,500 coins in return. You can then multiply those coins by your coin value to get the prize.

Try the demo to see how it works

We always suggest this as it gives you a better sense of how the game might pan out. Of course, the real version may not match your experience with the demo spins, so don’t forget that.

Are you going to play for real?

You can if you’re happy to choose a cheaper coin and play for a while. Always check your budget first, though.

No mobile version yet

We’ve seen some developers revamping older slots to make them mobile friendly, so that could potentially happen with this one from WGS too.