Black Gold Rush Slots

What on earth is black gold? It’s not gold as we know it – instead, we’re talking about oil in this slot game. This reveals the theme before we even begin our Black Gold Rush slot review, but there is a lot more to discover yet. If you want to try this game, don’t do it until you’ve discovered the answers to these questions.

Which developer thought of this one?

This is another solid game from Wager Gaming Technology. You might also see them under the initials WGS; they’ve changed names a few times over the years.

Demo access

You can indeed load the game for a few spins using a practice balance. This isn’t withdrawable but it does give you an idea of how you might experience the game.

You know the theme…

Black gold, says the title, and we can see some of that on the reels. Expect more detail when the slot loads, too.

Let’s explore the design in more detail

An oil tycoon with the usual ten-gallon hat and a cigar and dark glasses appears to the right of the screen. To the left, you’ll see some oil wells – one of which has struck black gold as you can see it spurting out everywhere. That looks like a real waste to us!

The reels appear in the center of the screen, with the controls below them. These look like a regular one-armed bandit, reminding us that we’re playing a classic slot here.

What to expect when playing Black Gold Rush

You’ll only find three reels in this slot game. There is just one special icon to search for as you spin, and that’s the image of three drops of oil. This is the wild and it carries a 2x multiplier with it. Look for the oil well too, because one of these pays out wherever it appears on the payline.

Paylines… or payline?

Singular, as there is just one of them in the Black Gold Rush slot game.

Bets to sort through in this game

According to our information, you can go from 10 cents up to a maximum of five dollars for each coin. We say each one because there are prizes for betting one, two, or three of those coins on a successful payline combination.

A paytable you can always see

As is common in three-reel slots, the paytable is on the same screen as everything else. It sits above the reels, giving you a quick way to view it whenever you wish.

Should you expect to find a bonus round?

Since we have no scatters or bonus symbols in action, you can guess there isn’t a bonus feature either.

Don’t expect any free spins

It’s unusual to find free spins of a three-reel game, so you may not miss them in the Black Gold Rush slot.

Do we have any idea of the RTP?

RTP means the return to player value, always expressed in percentage terms. While we fully expect this to have a rating in the 90% and above range, we cannot give you a clear figure as our research didn’t reveal one.

What’s our rating for this slot game?

We liked this one a lot for a three-reel game – it’s got a multiplier wild as the only feature, yet it does still offer some entertainment for a short session of play. We’re giving it 6.5 out of 10 points.

What’s the biggest prize?

If you were to bet three coins on the payline and you found three sets of oil drops on the line, you’d receive 2,000x your bet.

Take a few practice spins of those reels first

If there is a demo available, you should always play it. That’s our motto, so we suggest you try it to see what you think of Black Gold Rush.

Play for real at WGS casinos

There are several of those to explore, so look for Black Gold Rush and sign up for a welcome deal if you’d like to play the real one.

Don’t expect a mobile version though

You’ll find Black Gold Rush among the older slots from Wager Gaming. Until they redevelop them to make them mobile friendly, you won’t be able to play on anything other than a regular computer.