Double Gold Slots

Gold features in a lot of online slots – either in the title or somewhere in the game. So, what’s the deal for the Double Gold slot game?

We’ve got a complete review of the title for you here, so if you have any questions about it, you’re bound to spot the answers as you go through each section.

Developer info to start us off

It makes sense to discover who created each game, and in this case, we can thank Wager Gaming Technology for their efforts.

Try the demo if you like the idea

WGS is reliable for demo games, and that pans out for this one as well.

Does it have a golden theme?

Plenty of the features in this game don’t highlight any gold. You can see it in the best symbol of them all though, so we’ll explain more about that soon.

It’s a classic design

That might reveal a few things about the game, especially if we tell you to expect bar, cherry, and 7-style symbols in action. There isn’t too much background here, only some lines going away from the reels to create some depth.

Let’s play Double Gold, shall we?

If we load the game, we get three large reels to look at. The payline quantity is obvious but we’ll come to that in a second. The game logo, featuring Double Gold and two gold bars, is oval and is used as a wild. This brings you 2x the usual prize when it shows up in a winning line. If you manage to find two of them in a winning combo, the multiplier goes up to 4x.

Guess the paylines

There is only one, indicated by a line through the middle of the reels.

Choose your bet

When the game loads, you need to choose a coin to play with. One cent is the first one, with numerous other possibilities reaching $10 at most. Look at the credit window under the reels to reveal the number of coins to play on the line – one, two, or three.

Choose the paytable button first

This is on a second screen to keep the main screen clear of details. You can review the possible prizes that could appear if you play one, two, or three coins.

No bonus to think of here

There are no bonuses involved in the Double Gold slot game.

Free spins don’t come into play either

You might have worked that out, as they’re rare in three-reel games.

They haven’t included any RTP details

You’d usually see these in the paytable, but there are none in this one.

Our rating for the Double Gold slot

The highlight here is the wild, of course, having those two multiplier possibilities to look forward to. Other than that, it’s a basic slot to play. WGS is excellent at creating these though, so you can make sure you’re ready to try a 6.5 out of 10 game, in our opinion.

How high do the prizes go?

The jackpot comes from three wilds on the payline. One coin would bring 800x your bet, two bring 1,600x your bet, and three coins would give you 2,500x your bet.

Play the demo to get a better feel for it

It only takes a few spins to get the hang of this one. There are no complex features but you can play for a while using their demo balance.

Real action is only a penny away

You can bet from just one cent per play in Double Gold, so why not give it a try?

Find it on mobile casinos too

If you visit and use a WGS casino, you may well see this title in the mobile version of that site.