Fruit Slots Slots

The classic slot game is one that includes cherries, melons, grapes, and all other kinds of tasty fruit. With a title that simply says Fruit Slots, you can bet this one is going to include all of those and more.

We won’t assume that though – we’d much rather check out the game and explore the chances of finding prizes and fruit on its reels here. Join us to learn more about it.

Who developed Fruit Slots?

This is another classic from the WGS collection of games. They also go by the name Wager Gaming.

You can check out a demo version too

This is the best way to get a feel for how it plays, so you can see if you like the outcome. Any combo you see on the reels won’t necessarily show up in the real version, of course, but it gives you a basic idea.

You won’t score a prize for working out the theme

This one uses a fruity theme, just as the title says.

Lots of fruit feature in the design too

We think the background is a close-up photo of an avocado… what do you think? The fruit symbols are basic in design, yet you can tell what they are, and that’s the main thing.

How to play the Fruit Slots game

If you hadn’t figured it out already, this is a three-reel slot. They’ve got a silver surround to make them look impressive. The game doesn’t have a progressive jackpot or any wilds or scatters, so you just have the basic symbols to look for as you play.

Paylines… or line?

Yes, there’s only one line in action here, shown by a silver bar across those reels.

Choose your wager before you begin

We’ve got the usual WGS coin range in action, which means you can bet a cent per play if you like. You can also sort through the other coins to reach a maximum of $10 per play. The paytable reveals that you can also go for one, two, or three of your selected coins to play each spin. This affects the prizes you might get.

No hunting for this paytable

No… it’s right next to the reels, occupying the entire right side of the screen.

What about bonus potential?

None of that here.

Free spins don’t appear either

This is as basic a slot as you can get.

RTP details don’t show up anywhere

We’ve found this to be the case with many WGS slot games, so we weren’t too surprised to find no information for this Fruit Slots title either.

Our rating for Fruit Slots

Is this as fruity as you can get? It’s basic, to be sure, but still a solid game if you like that feel. We couldn’t rate it more than around 6.5 of 10 points though.

How big do the prizes get?

It depends on whether you’re playing one, two, or three coins on a fortunate spin that gets the jackpot. You need three cherries to get this, and we can see there is an advantage to playing three coins.

The single-coin prize is a 250x multiplier, while two coins ups that to 500x. However, play three coins of any value and the top prize for those cherries reaches 2,500x your bet.

Try the practice version to see what it is like

This is the best way to make sure you can see what Fruit Slots are like, so you can decide if you want to add this to your game rotation.

Play for real for pennies a time

This is ideal for players who love classic and affordable slots and only have a dollar or two to play with.

Can you find it in mobile casinos?

This is doubtful as it looks like a much older slot from their collection. Watch out though as they’re updating many of their games, so it might appear there.