Harbour Master Slots

We guess the Harbour Master himself is down among the yachts somewhere, as we can’t see him anywhere in the game. There are some unusual features involved in this slot, as we’ll soon see, but we will say that it’s a smart idea to find out more about it before you play. We can help you with that here, thanks to our full review.

Which developer is behind the reels of this game?

Wager Gaming, otherwise going by the letters WGS.

Can you try it before paying to play it?

Yes, you should be able to access a practice version which comes with a demo balance.

A yachting theme sails into view here

Forgive the yachting puns but they keep swimming into view! You’ll find yachts as part of the background, anchored in the harbor, and on the reels.

An unusual design

In what way, you might ask? The design uses a photo for the backdrop, showing the harbor filled with yachts on what looks like a sunny day. Rather nice to see, for sure.

How to play the Harbour Master slot game

If you’re thinking of a three-reel slot here, that is exactly what you’ll see when you load the game. You won’t see wilds or scatters or indeed anything special… although the clock face is worth finding. One of these appearing anywhere gets you a prize.

Just the one line to bet on

You won’t see multiple paylines here – only one.

Place your bet on the payline

WGS tends to have one or two ways to set out its coin values. In this case, we can go from a penny to $10 on the single line on offer. You’ve also got the chance to bet up to five coins on the line.

It’s easy to see the paytable

It is, as it appears to the right side of the reels in the top right corner of your screen.

Would you be surprised if we told you the game doesn’t have a bonus?

We doubt it, as everything points toward a simple game here.

Free spins don’t appear either

You won’t see any of these appearing, so you just have the base game to play.

What about the return to player value?

The RTP is always a percentage, yet we could not find one listed with the game.

Our rating for the Harbour Master slot game

The design, complete with that photo image, is striking, but this is a simple game and so there isn’t much detail to review here. This keeps our rating low, although we think it’s worth scoring at 6.5 out of 10.

Look for the golden compass

If you find this in all three positions on the single payline, you’re going to scoop the top prize for your coin bet. You would receive 1,500 coins if you’d gone for the five-coin wager on that spin.

Is it worth taking this slot for a demo spin?

It’s always worth taking a game for a practice session if you can – and in this case, we know there is a demo available. Try it to find out whether you like it.

Play the real slot from one cent per spin

With a penny on the line, this makes any budget go way further than you might imagine.

Can you find this slot in a mobile casino?

It’s been around for several years now, so there is a chance you won’t find it in a mobile casino. You can still check though in case it receives an upgrade.