Haunted Reels Slots

Do hauntings really happen? If they do, can a slot game become haunted as well? That is a big question, and we aim to answer it here. If you fancy trying a game that has a freaky theme, we have some information for you that should help you decide. Are you ready? Take our hand and come with us to meet the witch…

Do we know who created this game?

We do - it comes from WGS. You might know them as Wager Gaming.

We're certain to get a demo

We tried this version of the game while reviewing it, so we can guarantee there is a demo out there.

Does this have a freaky theme?

It truly is haunted, so yes, you can expect a basic yet tantalizing game to explore here.

Design elements for Haunted Reels

The game doesn't complicate things too much with detailed graphics. There is a witch peering over the reels, with spider webs and bats in the background. The webs are empty, making us wonder where those spiders are…

How to play on the Haunted Reels

If you worked out that there might be three reels in this game, well done - you got that part right. Don't be frightened of the witch either because she's the substitute. She replaces all other symbols with a 2x multiplier if one witch appears in a winning line and a 4x multiplier if she appears twice. Look for a scary pumpkin too because this gets the BONUS label.

Paylines on offer in Haunted Reels slots

You only get one here.

Choose your line bet before you play

You can bet using the plus and minus buttons on either side of the amount. They take you from one cent to $10. You've also got the chance of betting one, two, or three of those coins each time.

Where's the paytable?

It used to appear above the reels, but since the game got a revamp, it now appears on another page. Look for the PAY TABLE button to the left of the control panel to go through and see it.

You do get the chance to try for a bonus

That pumpkin only needs to show up once to unlock the bonus feature. You must make sure you're betting three coins to be in with a chance of seeing it though. Even if you only bet one cent per coin, this is enough to give you that chance.

Free spins don't feature

Not much else we can add to that.

The paytable doesn't suggest the return to player value

We could find no evidence of what the value might be.

Our rating for the Haunted Reels online slot game

It's better than many three-reel games we have played, especially since we have a wild with two multipliers and the chance to play a bonus as well. Worthy of 6.5 out of a maximum of 10 points, we believe.

What's the biggest prize worth?

You can play for up to 2,400 coins, available as the top prize if you're wagering the three coins per play.

Demo opportunities are best to start with

We liked the demo, particularly as we triggered the bonus and so we could work out how it played out. The paytable doesn't tell you, but you get several pumpkins and must choose one. You then get to collect that prize or trade it and choose another one, hopefully getting something bigger!

Play for real for pennies per go

Even one cent is good enough to spin the real set of reels, although you'll be out of the running when you're looking at the bonus. Three cents is the minimum per spin to try and unlock it (which we did).

Mobile access to Haunted Reels

This looks more likely thanks to the recent update WGS has given this game. Make sure you check out the possibilities at your favorite WGS casino.