Holiday Feast Slots

We can think of plenty of slot games that feature food in some way. So, could this Holiday Feast be the tastiest one of all? It has some way to go to beat other food-themed slots, but this one has a more targeted theme to look for.

We’ll cover that and many other features in this review, so sit tight, save your appetite until later, and let’s get underway.

Which developer thought of this idea?

You can thank WGS for this one. They’ve gone by several names over time, but you might also recognize Wager Gaming as one of the others.

Check out the mouth-watering demo

Are you getting hungry yet? This game offers a lot of potential, and you can try it for a while simply by choosing the practice version rather than the real one.

Any more clues for the theme?

We ‘re looking at more than just food here – this game has a Thanksgiving theme. This becomes obvious when you view the screen you’ll play on.

It’s got a lovely design too

There are pilgrim hats popping up during play, along with a turkey on the run. We can’t blame it for being in a hurry. You’ll also find a leaf in beautiful fall colors, along with a piece of pie and some classic bar symbols.

What should you expect when you play Holiday Feast?

Look for that pilgrim hat as it acts as a substitute for all other icons appearing in this slot game. We’re not done yet though – it doubles a prize if it appears in the winning combo. Find two and you get a bigger 4x multiplier instead.

You also need to watch for that turkey to appear. Find that on the reels – just one in this case – and something else happens… We’ll come to that in a second.

One payline keeps things simple

It is marked on the reels, so you can see when symbols land on the line. If they appear just above or below, they don’t count.

Choose your coin

You’ve got a few options here, but the cheapest is only a cent while the highest-valued one is $10, so there is quite a range. As you’ll see from the paytable, you can get up to three credits to play with on each spin.

You won’t need to spend ages looking for the paytable

No, as it appears above the reels on the upper segment of the machine. We say machine because it does look just like a proper one-armed bandit slot. You can even see the handle.

Would you be surprised at finding a bonus feature?

We were, and while it is a basic one, it’s still great to see. One turkey triggers it, but you must play with three coins. Any less than that and you cannot access the bonus round.

If you do manage to find it, you can watch an intro or skip to the event itself. There are nine turkeys on the screen, so choose one of those to find out how much is hidden inside it. You’re assured of receiving a prize, but the value depends on which turkey you choose.

Free spins aren’t included in the action

We guess you have already worked out that bit.

Any idea about the return to player percentage?

No, as WGS doesn’t usually release this detail.

Is Holiday Feast worth tucking into?

We think so – it has more than your average three-reel slot, and you can certainly enjoy looking for that turkey. We’ll rate this as an entertaining 7.5 out of 10 game.

How much is the biggest prize worth?

You can net up to 2,400 coins in this game, and those are available if you play three coins and find three hats across the payline on that spin.

Demo entertainment makes a decent start

If you want to know more about the cost of spinning these reels, you can play around with the settings for the practice slot. Holiday Feast does come with this option.

Play for real if you like this affordable game

Our advice is to try the three-cent minimum to give you a chance of netting the bonus round. This still makes most budgets go a long way.

What about some mobile action?

Check the casino you’re visiting to find the Holiday Feast slot game. It’s been around for a few years, so it may not yet be available on mobile platforms.