Wheel of Chance 3 Reel Slots

Wheel of Chance 3 Reel Slots
Wheel of Chance… now that sounds like a fine title, don’t you think? Even better is the fact that we have two versions of this game to play. Here, though, we are focusing on Wheel of Chance 3 Reel slots, so you know a couple of details about it already.

Let’s move through our full game review here, giving you all the information needed to play it.

Which developer’s collection can you find this game in?

Look through the many titles released by Wager Gaming Technology, and you’ll find this game in there.

There is a practice option to choose

You can go for this version if you like as it gives you more info about the game before you decide to commit any of your budget to it.

The theme appears in the title

Yes, the Wheel of Chance is the theme, appearing behind the paytable with segments in different colors. We won’t go into more detail yet, but there is more to come.

Based on a true one-armed bandit design

This means the slot game looks like a proper slot machine. If you’ve been inside a real casino and played one or two of those – or even just looked at a few – you’ll know the design to expect.

How to play Wheel of Chance 3 reel slots

There are three reels here, of course, otherwise the title would be misleading. One important icon to watch for is shaped like a diamond. This is wild, and one in a successful combo brings double the standard prize. Find two and that multiplier changes to 4x.

It may surprise you to learn there is a bonus symbol as well. Would you believe it appears as a wheel with colored segments?

Only one line to bet on here

That keeps things simple though.

More variety in betting than you might imagine

You can wager between one and three coins on the single line in this game. It’s not a penny slot because the cheapest coin is valued at 10 cents. The usual maximum coin value for WGS games – ten dollars – is in force though.

Check out the paytable before you play

This is always sensible to do, and it shows how the prize potential can change depending on the quantity of coins you use for your spins. You’ll see the wild and bonus details there as well.

So, there is a bonus round?

There is, but you must play three coins of any value to get the chance to find it. The good news is that you need only one of the bonus wheel symbols to go through to that feature. This features a Wheel of Chance – of course – where you can spin it to see which prize you receive. If you like, you can reject that prize and try for another one, but you may not receive anything bigger. We’d grab the first prize to be honest, so we could be sure of getting something.

No free spins available

Only a spin of that Wheel of Chance if you managed to find the bonus symbol.

RTP isn’t advertised

We couldn’t find a confirmed percentage for this element of the game, so it remains shrouded in secrecy.

Did we like the Wheel of Chance 3 reel slot?

We did, and we can confirm it deserves a spot alongside other bonus slots featured in the WGS three-reel collection. Worthy of 7/10 in this case.

Look for diamonds to find the biggest prizes

While you could potentially net up to 1,000x your bet on the wheel, you can score up to 2,400x your bet for playing three coins and receiving three diamonds across the payline.

Play the demo to see what it’s like

We liked the game but the only way you can tell whether it is right for you is to try the demo. This means you’re not using your own funds to find out what you think.

Play for real at all WGS casinos offering three-reel games

They all have a superb collection of three-reel slots from WGS, so check out the opportunities available today.

What about mobile access?

Yes, you should find you can play this game on iOS and Android devices if you’d rather not sit at your computer.