Island Hoppers Slots

It makes sense that we'd spot a map in this game, given that we are on the trail of those going from one island to another. We'll learn a little more on that topic shortly, but if you are keen to play a straightforward slot game that still has a few delights to share, read our full review of Island Hoppers here.

Developer details

We can confirm this game comes from WGS. You might also know them as Wager Gaming, but either name is fine.

Test the demo

You can take this slot for a test flight first if you want to. It gives you a chance to work out how you might spend your budget playing it.

An island-hopping theme

We can see a map as the background for this slot game, along with a plane flying low around the title of the slot. It seems we are following the pilot as they go from one island to the next to see what they can find there.

What can we make of the design?

The design for this game is cool, although there isn't a ton of detail involved. Many parts of the map are a little blurry, but we like that because it means we can imagine where it might take us. All the icons on the reels are quite basic too.

Reels, icons, and features in Island Hoppers slots

This is a classic three-reel game, with the reels positioned above the shiny title image. There are no progressive jackpots involved in the game and no special symbols either, so this is about as basic as it is possible to get. You won't find any fruit here, but they do use bar symbols and sevens.

Only one payline to bet on

You'll see this clearly marked across the reels, using a silver line to track its progress.

From a cent to $10…

That is the betting range you can work with in the Island Hoppers slot game. other than that, you do also have the chance to play one, two, or three coins when you play each spin.

No need to hunt for the paytable

This is shown to the right side of the third reel, so you'll see it there to glance at whenever you wish.

Can you find a bonus round?

No, while some WGS three-reel games do have a simple bonus to trigger, this game doesn't join them.

Free spins out of bounds too

Enough said on that topic.

RTP for Island Hoppers

The game doesn't display the return to player percentage anywhere, and our research didn't turn up the figure either.

Our rating for this island-hopping slot

It's a basic slot, to be sure, with a theme we haven't seen elsewhere. You can net prizes from some basic symbols, along with a chance to find planes and the wings badge. It's a 6/10 game really, as there are no special elements to look for.

What is the biggest prize worth?

The gold wings are the best symbols to find, although you will need three on the payline to give you a prize. The amount you'd receive for this depends on how many coins you wagered. One, two, or three would trigger a prize worth 1,000, 1,500, or 2,000 coins, so that latter prize is as big as you can get.

Play Island Hoppers for some entertaining spins

It's not the sort of game you'd play for ages, although you can try some demo spins to see how you fare with it. It's ideal for helping you work out your bet per spin.

Play for real when you spot it at a WGS casino

Several casinos carry the full collection of games from this developer. Watch for Island Hoppers to hop into view at one of those.

What about going mobile with this game?

Despite its travel theme, we don't think you can find this game on a mobile site. It's an old title and therefore doesn't have a mobile-friendly design. Not yet, anyway.